About Us

Naikwadi Vaidyakiya Seva Sanstha, Gavtha Sinnar is established in 1999 with the Aims and Objectives to provide professional education to girls and to make them economically independent and self sufficient. To further the fine moral and cultural traditions of secular India through importing education to children in the Educational in the Educational Institution specially started by the society. To train and prepare selected students so that they may excel in their choose fields or courses.

Our Objective

     1. Social activity for poor society.
     2. Education development, every people in the society.
     3. Promoting health status of the society.
     4. Development of skill and morals in students or youth

Our Vision

Providing qualitative, preventive & Curative medical exclusive educational activities of prejudice to caste, creed and religion through Naikwadi Vaidyakiya Seva Sanstha, Sinnar and extension of services for medical relief and allied social relief at any Manner.

Our Mission

     1. Providing preventive and curative medical care.
     2. Promoting gender equality & human rights ensuring social.
     3. Supporting community based program for attaining self reliance and sustainability justice at all levels.
     4. Lessening with the government and other agencies for achieving the vision of the society.
     5. Promoting standard all type of education in all type peoples.

From Director's Desk

Our emphasis is on providing quality education for those who want to prepare themselves for Pharmacy.
Wishing all of you a happy & prosperous career ahead.

Dr. Naikwadi R.D.

President, Naikwadi Vaidyakiya Seva Sanstha