Department Of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is the scientific discipline of pharmacy that deals with the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) or old drugs into a medication to be used safely and effectively by patients. It deals with the formulation of a pure drug substance into a dosage form.

The department of pharmaceutics is one of the key departments of the institute. It is a place where commitment to excellence in academia, research and development is demonstrated through productivity and success of our faculty and students. We continue to march with times and our program focuses on expanding the scientific avenues for improving the delivery of drugs and therapeutic agents. We offer sophisticated formulation laboratory instrumentation and technologies supervised by experienced teachers and dedicated staffs.

    Major Instruments/Equipment Available

       - Tablet punching machine
       - Disintegrator
       - Dissolution test apparatus
       - Distillation unit for distilled water
       - Ampoule washing machine
       - Ampoule filling and sealing machine
       - Bottle filling and sealing machine
       - Capsule filling and sealing machine
       - Autoclave
       - Hot air sterilizer
       - Incubator
       - BOD Incubator
       - Aseptic cabinet
       - Centrifuge
       - Ampoule clarity test equipment
       - Collapsible Tube Crimping Machine
       - Tablet coating pan
       - Digital pH meter
       - Humidity Control Oven
       - Ball mill
       - Friability tester
       - Hardness tester

Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry is interdisciplinary science that deals with the designing, synthesis, identification, developing and analyzing new chemical entity. The study helps to understand mechanism of action of drug at molecular level. Modern approaches like quantitative structure activity relationship, computer aided drug design, High performance liquid chromatography, Gas chromatography, UV Spectroscopy etc. are used to study the chemical nature of drugs.

The students are well prepared with the application of modern information and scientific technologies in drug development safety and efficacy studies. The department is well equipped with necessary apparatus and instruments and chemicals aspects of drug like physical, analytical, organic, inorganic, biochemical, medicinal etc. Well qualified and experienced staff is the highlight of this department.

    Major Instruments/Equipment Available

       - pH meter
       - Conductometer
       - Muffle furnace
       - Centrifuge
       - Hot air oven
       - Colorimeter

Department Of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is probably the oldest of the modern sciences that involves the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of natural drugs, including the search for new drugs from natural sources.

The subject is one of the core branch in the pharmacy curriculum and therefore found an important part With experienced well qualified faculty, the constant inputs for department improvement have resulted in excellent infrastructure and spacious well-equipped laboratories with sophisticated equipment especially crafted for herbal product development and evaluation. The Department is also equipped with required infrastructure for the phytochemicals investigation. Institute also has well designed Crude Drug Museum.

    Major Instruments/Equipment Available

       - Projection Microscope
       - Projection Microscope
       - Hot Air Oven
       - Soxhelet Aparatus
       - Digital Balance with 0.1 gm sensitivity
       - Percolator

Department Of Pharmacology

The use of medicines is one of the principal ways of combating disease. The development of new and successful drugs requires advances and insights generated by scientific research. Pharmacology is all about “finding out how drugs work”.

It is concerned with the effect of drug on living organism. The subjects in Pharmacology introduce students to the unified study of the interaction of chemical agents and living matter. The emphasis is placed on the principles of drug action and on the reactions of living processes to drugs. Toxicology, a division of Pharmacology, is concerned with the adverse effects on life of therapeutic drugs and other chemicals. The Vision of department of pharmacology is to produce competent pharmacologists to meet the needs of the industry and research organizations, drug discovery research.

    Major Instruments/Equipment Available

       - Student Kymographs
       - Student organ bath
       - Actophotometer
       - Digital tail thermometer
       - Analgesiometer( Tail flick )
       - Research Centrifuge
       - Pole climbing apparatus
       - Electroconvulsiometer
       - Double unit organ bath
       - Digital Sherrington rotating drum.